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Do you know what I hate?

I perfectly good game that goes all bullshit on you at the end.

I'm talking about Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition. Doing story mode on hard, which is hard enough with the final boss Shao Khan doing my head in. He's bullshit - you can't hit him if the animation for one of his moves has started, can't throw him, your best attacks take like 0.25% of his health bar. Can't block him, can't engage from a distance because his range attacks are quicker than yours.

And lord help you if he stuns you with his hammer.. because he spams the same move over and over and theres nothing you can do but try your best not to have a nerd rage.

The bastard knocks you for 6 even on his weak moves... he's best move hits for 55% of health.

I refuse to cheat. I will beat the f**ker if it takes me all week.

I'm really regretting playing this game on hard. Controller being bust doesn't help either... These types of games suck on the keyboard.

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