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Sports simulators used to be my favorite but EA has a strangle hold on the entire genre and doesn't give a **** about making games better.

My other favorite was multiplayer FPS games which kind of suffers from the same thing right now.

I like strategy games a lot but CKII is the only one that still has me hooked right now. Civ5 got boring after a few play throughs. I didn't much care for EUIII but EUIV which is coming out soon looks really tempting I'll probably pick it up after a few DLCs come out and there is a sale.

The only MMORPGs I really enjoyed were preexpansion WOW and RO on player servers. I have tried out a lot of these types of games but none of them really replicate the magic because they are just ripping off older games instead of making new and exciting ones.

RPGs have always been something I get really into for like a week and then never play again.

ARPGs are all trying to be too much like Diablo the entire genre is stale and stuck in the past.

I liked fighting games a lot as a kid but I've been over that for more than a decade now.

I've never liked horror or single player fps.

So basically the gaming scene is terrible to me right now I end up trying out a bunch of games and liking almost none of them because most of my favorite genres are stuck in limbo.
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