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most games I play involving shooting stuff, 1st or 3rd person. The MP aspect of it is heavy in competition, which equates to fun. It's fun to compete against people, even more fun to do it with friends, and even more fun when the game offers you countless strategies and methods to compete, which is why I've been a huge mark for games like Battlefield and Battlefront for a while.

Sports games are similar, for me one of the funnest things about gaming in general is competing against another person, in the end it doesn't even matter what sport or what game even. Could be NBA Jam, Forza, Tiger Woods or FIFA, it's just exciting to compete.

Adventure games being mechanically fun to maneuver is cool, but a story that is able to pull you in and make you give a crap make any game exponentially better. A lot of games with cool stories thankfully have tons of interesting side stuff to do and places to go features to modify etc.,.

What games to you guys consider to be RPG, JRPGs, PRPGs, or ARPGs?

I don't really feel like I've played RPGs since PS1 and SNES days with their Final Fantasy games, Secret of Mana, Chrono games and a bunch others I'm probably forgetting.
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