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Anyone seen Weidman's TMZ video where he states that he destroyed Anderson? Lol. He must have also watched the same 'it didn't happen' fight that all the Weidman marks on here watched.

Chris, hitting a knocking a guy out when he drops his hands, sticks out his chin and goads you into knocking him out does not equal destruction, you tool.

Weids has bought into his own hype it seems.

I have changed my mind, now...please let us see Silva/Weidman II....and Anderson, please break this joker permanently.

If Chris is gonna talk some trash regarding Anderson's antics, which he rightfully can and should, can he at least do so without being a delusional d-bag himself? Dude...just accept that you knocked out a guy who was playing games and not defending himself and move on. You didn't impress anyone but the marks. The rest of us pretty well saw how much of an overhyped joke you really are.
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