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Originally Posted by GarethUFC View Post
You see things completely different than me! And back in the Day Rich was a REAL champion, things have moved on a bit from them, but at the time he was a great Champion.

He's been the champ in the hardest weight class in the UFC for all these fights, what he has done is unbelievable IMO.
The MW division isn't even close to the hardest division in the UFC and it never has been.

As for Silva, he was the P4P best because of the style of his finishes, not his opponents. If you read that list of names without thinking of how he beat them (although guys like Maia/Cote/Thales were pathetic victories), then you are right in that Silva has really not beaten great competition for the most part (there are a few exceptions), but it's how he won that got him that title.

Silva won't go down as the GOAT, his legacy and career will be passed up and it isn't going to take that long to do it (Jones probably will in a few years). In fact there are people, quite a few actually, who still give Fedor that title. For right now though he is definitely either the GOAT or as close to it as possible at this moment, and that will change in a few years (which is one reason why GOAT is silly to begin with until the sport ends), but his career/legacy is a great one and regardless of what happens in the future from now it is cemented in MMA's history as with all greats.
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