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Some of you guys are really uninformed, short-sighted, and biased.

Pettis has 5X as many Twitter followers as Thomson. He's been in the UFC longer, he's known for a couple great performances there, for beating the current UFC champ in a fight he was already on his way to winning before he put an exclamation mark on it in highlight fashion, and being on an MTV reality show. He's merely pointing out the downside of taking a fight against Thomson rather than waiting for the title shot which he had the option of doing. He won't get the credit he deserves for beating him because he's not that well known relative to his position in the UFC.

Also, he got instigated by Thomson, like he did against Cowboy. Those are two of the bigger shit talking meatheads in the UFC. And Pettis is the bad guy for occasionally reacting to what guys like that say. There was no disrespect back and forth between Pettis and Lauzon or Guida, because they're all cool guys. You remember, Thomson was the guy who weeks ago compared homosexuality to beastiality and pedophilia. He's the slippery slope dope. And before Pettis made those comments about Thomson's profile, the "Punk" was saying shit to him on Twitter like: "I am the best LW in the world so don't get it twisted when I beat that ass son.", and "you don't get out of line at Costco an expect your spot back. Earn that baby!" And y'all are hoping a guy like that knocks that douche Pettis' head off? Gimme a break.

And LOL at Nate Diaz being better than Pettis. They have a common opponent, who Pettis beat, but Diaz got dominated by. If Josh Thomson knocked him the f out with kicks what would arguably the best kicker in MMA do to him? I even saw most Diaz fans say they thought Pettis would run circles around Diaz with his speed and kick the crap out of him.

These comments are going to look especially foolish in a few years. Pettis' talent has few equals in MMA, and after beating the current UFC champ, and then going thru a transition period into the UFC, he's beating opponents easily. His biggest weakness is he hasn't had the opportunity to fight more of them due to a variety of circumstances, most out of his control.
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