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How dare anyone speak ill of Rich Franklin....

He was part of the old guard with Chuck, Matt Hughes, Penn, Couture, etc...these guys were all considered true fighters and real champions. Franklin was great when he stormed onto the scene finishing opponents left and right while having a sole loss to Machida outside of the UFC. He was what? 22-1 or something when he fought Silva? A monster of a record at the time.

If you want to sit there and discredit Silva like can do the same with Jones by stating that nearly all of his title fights have been against past prime aging, high mileage fighters.

You can also discredit a lot of GSP's fights....

But these three guys are the 3 greatest of all time and have great legacies.

I'm no Silva fan by any means but going 17 straight in a sport where one well placed shot can end everything in an instant is extremely impressive. Thats not even to mention his ridiculous finishes and brutal beat downs.

Attero Dominatus.
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