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Originally Posted by Jason12 View Post
While your "notes" on those opponents are fairly ridiculous, it made me quickly look up how those guys fared after fighting Anderson Silva. Those guys ended up with a combined record of 37-24 (60% wins) following the title fight with some guys like Belfort and Maia continuing to succeed and others like Leites and Irvin falling off the map. All things considered, that's pretty good.

Comparatively, the same stat with GSP opponents is barely over half at a record of 27-24 (53% wins).
What happens after the title fight means nothing. It's everything that happened leading up to the title fight and the title fight itself that matters. A lot of things can happen to a fighter after a championship bout loss. Imagine if this retarded KO loss ruins Silva mentally to the point that he just loses all faith in himself and can't strike for shit anymore and gets KO'd 3 more times in a row by worse and worse competition. Are we going to be idiots about it like the TC and go, "well Silva was never that great to begin with, I mean look at how he lost all those times after he experienced defeat." Things are relative, they're constantly changing but they don't change the reality of the past; which is why you might be a real smart guy right now, in great shape, good looking, and 10 years from be some stupid fat ugly slob and only a freaking dumbass would go, "hey, you know what, that dude wasn't so smart, good looking, or in that great of shape, look at how stupid fat and ugly he got." Makes no damn sense, which is why this topic is freaking retarded.
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