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So to summarize the responses -

o Rich Franklin was (and still is) an MMA god - criticism will not be tolerated
o I didn’t read your post, but you suck anyway
o I won’t agree with you, but “FEDOR!”
o I would respond to your points, but can’t be bothered because you suck!

Anderson Silva can only fight the people they put in front of him, which he did VERY successfully… but beating mediocre opponents for years on end does not a legacy make… and to those of you that shout Henderson or Vitor – read the post please because I openly state these are (IMO) his best performances against quality opposition – but two decent performances does not make you the B/GOAT

I agree with marcthegame when he states “At the end of the day the guys Anderson fought had a rightful path for a title shot.“ But that isn’t proof of greatness, just proof that he was better than his opponents – something that I never questioned.

Anderson Silva is a fighter I love to watch, his “ballet of violence” (or however Joe Rogan once described it) was a joy to watch – when it was on show. But too often Silva clowned about rather than jump into someone’s guard – even against Weidman he was doing everything he could to convince the challenger to stand with him, rather than take him again (lesson learned? I hope so)

When Jon Jones fights, he willingly enters his opponents world and dominates –

Shogun - he traded blow (I didn’t say it was fair trade) until shogun tapped,
Jackson - he stood in front of him and beat him at his own game, then tapped him out for a career first
Machida - the fight turned when Bones caught Machida leaping in (the thing Lyoto is famous for)
Evans – Jones’ worst performance (can it be justified because of their history? – don’t care, it was crap performance and I refuse to shine that turd)
Befort – Jones nearly pays (al la Fedor vs. Werdum) for his aggression – but won anyway
Sonnen – he Chael’d Chael

When talking about the BSF or BIS (best so far/best I’ve seen) the conversation must include Fedor, GSP, Penn, Coture, Rutan and yes it should include Silva. But claiming that Silva is the best mixed martial arts fighter the world will ever know is silly, and given what happened at the weekend, clearly not true.

Want to talk about a genuine legacy – take a look a Rocky Marciano on Wikipedia – 49-0 with most wins coming via KO/TKO. Now that is a legacy

Continuing the boxing analogy – what about Ali? He fought the best (when the best really was the best) and although he lost against Frasier and Norton both losses were avenged. He lost three of his last four fights but there aren’t many people who argue that Ali was the Greatest; have you ever watched “The Rumble in the Jungle” – when people genuinely feared for Ali’s life going into the fight

IMO – Anderson Silva is a great fighter. But the fanatical idol worship of this fallen hero should be put into perspective… sure he’s good, but lets see how he fairs in the last few fights of his career now that the invincible aura has been broken. I predict he’ll win 60-70% of his remaining fights, (an easy prediction considering almost everyone (Fedor I’m looking at you) falter at the end of their career) but still means we have three/four more opportunities to see Silva prostrate on the ground. I just hope someone has the good decency to samba over his unconscious body – and see how he likes watching the replies!
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