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Originally Posted by Aiken View Post
I was as shocked as most when Weidman floored Silva at the weekend. After watching the fight several more times since, I’ve started to question my own recollection of his previous fights and performances… Is it possible that Anderson isn’t as great as we have been lead to believe? Before we take a quick look at his UFC record as champion, I want to state for the record that I’ve enjoyed watching Silva fight, with a couple of obvious exceptions, and consider myself a fan…

(thanks to Wikipedia for the information)

10-14-06 Rich Franklin - Do we consider Franklin a true champion (I know he held the belt, but I’m sure you know what I mean) or a journeyman?
07-07-07 Nate Marquardt - Good fighter, but potential champion?
10-20-07 Rich Franklin - How much better was he this time?
03-01-08 Dan Henderson - Hendo is not my favorite fighter, but I consider this one Silva’s two best performances
07-19-08 James Irvin - He won three of his next nine fights and just stood there getting hit…
10-25-08 Patrick Cote - I don’t remember being impressed with this fight – although that might be due to the way it finished?
04-18-09 Thales Leites - Decision victory
08-08-09 Forrest Griffin - Another LHW that stood there waiting to be hit…
04-10-10 Demian Maia - HORRIBLE fight
08-07-10 Cheal Sonnen - I genuinely regret not seeing this live – but that being said, Cheal Sonnen might be well known, but it’s not for his ability to fight (and Silva was injured?)
02-05-11 Vitor Belfort - The other genuinely impressive performance since becoming champion
08-27-11 Yushin Okami - Do we consider Yushin to be “world class”?
07-07-12 Cheal Sonnen - The only thing that changed was Silva wasn’t injured. Opponent quality remained sub-par
10-13-12 Stephan Bonnar - Another LHW that just stood there getting hit
07-06-13 Chris Weidman - Oh dear…

So a couple of thoughts – we’ve all heard the phrase “iron sharpens iron” in other words, as a fighter you need to face a beat the best and keep being challenged in order to improve. Can we really claim that Silva has been challenged since he won the title?

I agree that simply winning that number of fights consecutively IS impressive, due to the sudden and numerous was that fights can end, but best of all time? (BTW a friend of mine from the twenty second century sent me a message recently – apparently we need to wait until 2094 before we start claiming best of all time…)

My final observation is that Silva has a Nike endorsement and nine/ten fights on his contract… it won’t surprise me if he fights (and loses) well into his 40s in order to keep the Nike and UFC cash flowing…. he claims no interest in the belt, but “loves to fight” – tell him to visit Bristol on a Saturday night – he can fight as much as he likes!

If Silva was genuinely the boat/goat then he would be scared to jump into a BJJ fighters guard – but hell, anyone tries to take him down and he squawks that a baby and insist that they “come on man, let’s fight”. The boat/goat would engage wherever necessary…

Silva was IMO just an overrated striker who was handed a long string of mediocre opponents.
What a lord of bull this is. One day he's the best in the world, one loss, and he was never very good. Iron sharpens iron? He was fighting the best available. It's not like there were all these other elite MW's out there that he was ducking or that the UFC couldn't wrangle in, he literally fought every top fighter in his division. They seemed mediocre because he made them look mediocre in comparison. Without him in there, the apparent depth of the division would have been much greater. That's what truly dominant fighters do.

Following your logic the whole top 10 must be empty or something, and everyone in the UFC at MW sits below that. Makes no sense at all.

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