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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
What a lord of bull this is. One day he's the best in the world, one loss, and he was never very good. Iron sharpens iron? He was fighting the best available. It's not like there were all these other elite MW's out there that he was ducking or that the UFC couldn't wrangle in, he literally fought every top fighter in his division. They seemed mediocre because he made them look mediocre in comparison. Without him in there, the apparent depth of the division would have been much greater. That's what truly dominant fighters do.

Following your logic the whole top 10 must be empty or something, and everyone in the UFC at MW sits below that. Makes no sense at all.
Perhaps I didn't make myself clear before - if so, I apologize.

I agree with almost all your first paragraph - yes he can only fight the people put in front of him (a point i already made) and yes a truly dominant fighter will make his opponents look bad...

Mike Tyson won most of his fights before he even stepped in the ring, his personality and aura of invincibility scared the pants other fighters... but once he lost, and the aura faded, he was routinely beaten (in some cases buy genuinely poor opponents - Williams and McBride)

Most fighters or students of the fight game will tell you that the last thing a fighter loses is his punching power - what's rarely talked about is what is lost first - I would suggest:


It's all just a matter of time... personally I'd like to see Silva retire and leave us with the memories we have - I don't want to see Silva reduced to calling himself the peoples champion...

Interestingly, although people here disagree with my position, not many are able to articulate why...

At the end of the day, this is my opinion - you of course, are entitled to one of your own
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