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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
Dark Souls was a good deal so I picked that up.
Dark Souls is my favorite RPG this gen. I hear the PC version plays best with a controller so hopefully you have one of those (that's what I hear, never played the PC version myself).

Originally Posted by Spite View Post
If you haven't played it, buy it - 1.99 on steam atm

That is all.
I played the demo a long time ago and didn't like it. Can't judge a game from a demo of course but it left a bad taste in my mouth. For $2 it might be worth risking, though.

The more I read about The Elder Scrolls: Online the more I want to play it. It comes out for X1/PS4/PC, the cool thing is that the way the combat/system is designed makes it like "Skyrim with friends" rather than an MMO. You only have 6 skills available at one given time (think Guild Wars style), but you don't use hotkeys to activate them, you use normal attack commands like you would in Skyrim. This means that the game is perfectly designed to work on consoles with gamepads, it would be like adding extra room in Skyrim and allowing everyone to play together (with instances/PVP and more quests of course), so it should play great on console.

The first open beta for the game comes out on PS4 before PC/X1, and so I'll get my first taste of it on PS4 unless I am put into the closed beta at some point. I honestly think I might play it exclusively on the PS4 instead of PC if it's as good as it sounds.
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