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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Sometimes in life you have to take the high road to avoid doing stupid things. It's always hard in the heat of the moment, but I feel like I would have analysed the situation, realised it was Maiquel Falcao and then gotten the **** out of there.

Yeah, they were protecting their girl/sister/female friend, but now (if justice is served) they won't be around to protect the women and children anymore. Now there's possibly no father figure on those households and a potential murder on their consciences. All because they couldn't keep their cool.

Responding like that is very short sighted.
So it's only up to the guys who swarmed to take the high road? Falcao is under no such obligation to not do stupid shit in the first place, because he's an mma fighter? Good luck preaching the high road to the hood.

As I said, beating the other guy who wasn't even at fault to the point of hospitalization and while unconcious is too far, but both parties were stupid, and thats what happens in the hood.

There is no guarantee that justice will be served, in fact it is quite unlikely in the developing world. I really hope they do get it because they deserve it badly. However, I've lived many years in India, Thailand, South America etc. and the cops most likely don't give a crap and see shit like this every day. If they actually identify the culprits it might even boil down to who can pay them off more. Heck you live in Thailand rt now, which is the relatively safest of the lot, how much justice do you think you'll get if you start shit in the wrong neighborhood?

The only "high road" in such places is to not start shit in the first place, give everyone respect by default and only fight as a very last resort in self defense. They don't care about mma creds, they'll just run across the street and bring back their knives, bats and worse.
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