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Hypothetical battle if in year 2014

My take on how this fight probably would turn out. Both weight in on 205. At fight night Jones is 225 Pounds while Chris Weidman is 210 pounds. Large advantage to Jon Jones.

Round 1:
Weidman pushes forward from the start to close in on Jones range. Weidman manages to push Jones back and they clinch for a long time on the fence. After Weidman fails a few attempts to go for a single and double leg Jones breaks free into the center of the Octagon.

Both are a bit tired and so it goes back and fourth on the feet.


Round 2:
Weidman tries to clinch right away but Jones pushes him off. Jones start to use pot shots with leg kicks, some jabs and knee cap kicks. Weidman tries to jump in a few times but Jones backs off and hold hands with fingers in Weidmans face. Weidman suddenly gets a takedown due to Jones missing a strike and is in Jones guard. But Weidman is starting gassing since he has been using a lot of energy lifting Jones 225 pounds in clinches. Weidman starts laying on Jones and referee stands them up.

Jones lands a huge kick to Weidmans knee cap and Weidman staggers away.


Round 3:
Weidman is stationary and has trouble closing in the range. He only tries to throw occasional high kick and one-two's that miss the target. Jones lands a lot of kicks and also some knees in this round. He does no longer avoid the clinch since Weidman is too tired to take him down.


Round 4:
Jones lands a big strike and take Weidman down. Jones keeps ground and pounding for a while scoring double digit strikes. Referee stops the fight.

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