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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Haha I know man, I came to back you up.

I think it's a little unfair people are jumping on Ape about momentarily forgetting who Josh Thomson is. I would wager that 70% of the regular posters here didn't even know who John Moraga was before the MM fight was announced. I have no time for elitist attitudes, especially when it's plainly obvious that Ape City knows the sport as well as the rest of us.
Thanks bro and I agree with the elitist attitude being good for nothing.

Originally Posted by osmium View Post
I still have no idea who Moraga is but he wasn't involved in the most popular series of fights for what was the number two MMA company in the world for years or recently beat a Diaz on a Fox card. Nothing to pull someones fan card over but it isn't the same thing.

Oh and popularity on twitter doesn't mean anything.
As I said before I just didn't remember who he was. Once I googled it and saw the picture I remembered him. It's more about being a name, a household name, which Thomson is so far from it isn't funny. I do not make a point of remembering fighters names. They have to make the impression on me then I will know their name. Hell I worked for 2 months with these 3 new girls at work and just figured out their names last week.

Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
Maybe Ape City watches fights and not fighters. I've been in a language course and after almost a year I still forget the names of some participants. I don't think that make me less of a language learner
Exactly! The fact the I don't memorize fighters names doesn't mean I don't watch a shit ton of mma. It just isn't important to me.

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