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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
Got past Act 1 in Mirror of Fate. Its funny. I think I find this game more enjoyable then the first Lords of Shadow.
Get Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's easily the best game on 3DS and one of the best games released in recent memory. MOF is a good game too but Fire Emblem... man that is THE game on 3DS until A Link to the Past 2 comes out, and even then...

I've been playing Chivalry, pretty good game. I hate how your own team can kill you, I played earlier where I died more times to my own team than to the enemy. I understand that if there was no friendly fire the game would be nothing but two giant groups of enemies mindlessly swinging away and all strategy would die, but it is still annoying. The other issue is people taking your kills, that annoys me so much. Me and a guy going 1 vs. 1 and then someone from my team comes in a sneaks the final hit.

Otherwise the game is a blast.
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