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Originally Posted by southpaw447
Anyway I think THQ bought the UFC License recently and I think a UFC game is going to be a lot harder to develop than a pro-wrestling game. For example it's not going to be as easy as just slamming a guy and pinning him, the UFC is more technical and requires more skill and thinking therefore it's going to take more time to make
I'd say the delays are due in part by the size of the games. Quality games on these next-gen systems (or "current gen" by now) pushing next-gen polys.
The more post-production, detail, extras, etc. put into the game, the longer it will take to complete. Another reason is polish. I'd want them to take their time and not screw up excellent, highly anticipated titles in order to beat the clock. Right?

Take a look a Farcry or Spiderman 3 on the Wii....

btw MGS4 is going multi-platform

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