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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
I can never forget James Thompson because of that disgusting ear blister thing he had. Also, in terms of fame, James has technically accomplished more.

Both of you (Ou) hold "MMA fan" in a very high regard, or you greatly overestimate the number of fans MMA has. Most MMA fans, and yes, for you elitists, this includes all UFC fans, have never heard of Josh Thomson, other than the Diaz fight. Most of the target market for the UFC watches the fights casually, because it is popular. They have drinks, talk with friends, and pick up girls while they watch fights in bars. This is what the UfC makes money from. This is the actual typical viewer. not you. Definitely not OU. The true average fan watches Silva fight "some guy" last week. I don't think hardcore fans realize how insignificant they are. The UFC lives off fans who have no idea who 95% of their roster are.
Most MMA fans, in turn meaning all UFC fans, have never heard of Josh Thomson? What are you talking about? Are there not a bunch of people all over this website who are into MMA enough to know exactly who Josh is? Do we just not count since we are MMA fans and the UFC makes money off people who maybe are or or are not fans? Are internet forums about MMA not good places to get samples on what MMA fans actually think about MMA? If MMA, meaning UFC is just some fading interest that one catches every now and then if a certain card or fighter is trending or something, why should those views be weighted so much heavier then those of people who actually do care about and are actually knowledgeable about the sport? I'm pretty disturbed by what constitutes a true MMA fan according to you also. The real fans are casual, trendy, bar patrons more concerned with the social scene then MMA. That is the average typical viewer of MMA? True fans of the sport think Silva fought some guy last week?

So what kind of fan are you?

I like MMA less because of this forum
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