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The Stomp Kick

I've been training BJJ know with Eduardo Rocha for a little while. Eduardo is a PanAm champion in BJJ and fought Vale Tudo for a while, but I always run stuff by him for the street or for MMA, because he's a smart guy and a beast on the ground.

He ran a class the other day on the takedown and setting up the takedown. It was straight wrestling and Judo, mostly pretty basic stuff that I had seen before in my other training, but he had us work at the end on setting it up in a standup fight or a Vale Tudo style fight.

Alotof BJJ guys have probably seen this, but he was showing us how to work from a thigh kick. He used the kick to keep himself distanced away from the opponents hands so he doesn't get smacked in the face and KO'd. He uses the stomp kick to take away his opponents base so he couldn't get any power behind the punches and then he planted the foot on the ground behind the leg, a la straight wrestling shot.

He was using the kick as a starter step to get in close enough to shoot without exposing himself to the knees or the hands of his opponents. Granted, I have a hard time with this because I'm short and have proportionately small limbs, but the kick is something that is important to think about standing up because, even in an exchange of punches, I can use the kick to take away my opponents base and take the fight to the ground quickly and without risking any more damage than I would have ended up recieving in the standup fight.

I also realized: That's what those f*cked up kicks Royce Gracie uses are for.

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