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***Steam Sale Giveaway***

Everyday from today until the end of the steam sale (the 22nd I believe) I'm going to buy one person on this board free game(s) from Steam.
Why? 'Cause I've been here for 5 years and it's you guys that make this place interesting and keep me coming back, so I want to show my appreciation for my fellow MMAF members.

To do this I'm going to draw names from a "hat". I want everyone who is interested in this to post in this thread saying you want to add your name to the "hat".
Tonight at 10pm (I'm on the west coast) I'll draw the first name assuming there's plenty of people signed up and buy the person I draw one of the games on steam. From then I'll draw someone's name once per day after that.



You get to choose any game(s) you want so long as they add up to $6.
For example New Vegas right now is $2.49 and Castle Crashers is $3.74 (this will change obviously), you could get those two games instead of one game if you wanted (they can be a little over $6). Once I draw your name I will PM you and we'll get it started.

You must send me your Steam ID when you are chosen so that I can gift the game to you. I will not gift them through email.

You can only be drawn once, after that you are no longer in the "hat" and won't be eligible for anymore games.

While not a "rule", I would appreciate it if you find the game(s) you want in a timely manner. The faster I buy it the better.


Name's in the "hat":

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