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Originally Posted by GDPofDRB View Post
Most MMA fans, in turn meaning all UFC fans, have never heard of Josh Thomson? What are you talking about? Are there not a bunch of people all over this website who are into MMA enough to know exactly who Josh is?
Most MMA fans have not heard of Josh Thompson. An MMA fan includes anyone who considers them self a fan. The MMA fans who are hardcore enough to visit this website and other places to discuss MMA in depth are a very small percentage of the overall fan base. So yes, most MMA fans, mostly the 90%+ that make up the casual fan base, probably do not know who he is off the top of their head.

Do we just not count since we are MMA fans and the UFC makes money off people who maybe are or or are not fans?
We count, we just make up a minority of the overall population, hence my use of the word "most".

Are internet forums about MMA not good places to get samples on what MMA fans actually think about MMA?
It's a terrible place to get a representative sample of what the average MMA fan thinks. It's the equivalent of going to comicon and taking a survey of how many hard core Stak Trek fans vs. casual Stark Trek fans there are in the building then using that number to determine how hardcore the average St fan is. Most people on this forum are way more hardcore than the majority of UFC fans.

If MMA, meaning UFC is just some fading interest that one catches every now and then if a certain card or fighter is trending or something, why should those views be weighted so much heavier then those of people who actually do care about and are actually knowledgeable about the sport?
I don't think I ever said MMA or the UFC is fading or trendy? The individual casual viewer is probably considered far less important than a single hardcore. It is simply a numbers game. There are simply way more people who are casual fans, meaning casual fans make the most money.

Look at MMORPG's like WoW. For years they have been adjusting the style of the game to be more and more casual friendly, for this exact reason. Hardcore fans are the most vocal, but casual fans pay the bills.

I'm pretty disturbed by what constitutes a true MMA fan according to you also. The real fans are casual, trendy, bar patrons more concerned with the social scene then MMA. That is the average typical viewer of MMA? True fans of the sport think Silva fought some guy last week?

So what kind of fan are you?
I don't think there is any such thing as a true fan. This isn't some contest. I may think it's lame that your favorite fighter ever is Brock Lesnar and the greatest fight of all time was Griffin vs Bonnar, but that doesn't make you any less of a fan.

I was simply agreeing with Pettis that most MMA fans, in other words a large percentage of the fan base, which includes both hardcores and casuals, do not know who Josh Thomson is, or at least need to remind them self.

What kind of fan am I? I'd consider myself on the low end of hardcore. I've followed the sport for 7 years, I come to this forum 20 times a day, I read every article that gets posted on places like BJPENN, I never miss a UFc event, and I have followed many other orgs in the past like Pride, K-1, Bellator, and yes, even some Strikeforce.

Perhaps I should be considering casual though? Apparently the fact that I had to look up Josh Thomson to remind myself who he was has caused several people to lose respect for me. I guess watching the guy fight a bunch of times is irrelevant if you forget his name?

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