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Originally Posted by Spit206Fire
Its funny you say that, i go in tomorrow to my doctor to have me cleared for a BJJ tourni Seattle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (front page), anyways they have to make sure my knees are good (just have the fluid sucked out of them), then i get to make sure my teeth are healed (all 4 wisdom teeth pulled), plus now i might have to have my apendix removed. So ya i haven't been able to really train for it in the last 3 weeks. I'm representing Demon boxing kickboxing jiu jitsu vale tudo in the 159-171 open belt.

Hopefully i'll be ready, i'm going in as a white belt in JJ and i have never actually competed in a GI and normally don't practice in one. The funny thing is im going in as the favorite lol, i've trained 5 years in Submission wrestling and i hold an ameture MMA record of 4-1. I will start training everything else at Central Washington University in hope i can still progress in college while still fighting. Anyways i'll try and let anyone who wants to know how i do or update with how my trainings going.

Sorry if i missed it earlyer Flyingknee, but what are you trained in and what are you competing in? Also what weight class are you in?

Im a black belt in BJJ, trained under numerous Gracies....of course being from Gracie Jiu Jitsu thats about what u can ask for haha, anyway i fight at Light Weight for now, have been trying to get myself up a little bit in lbs....but well see what happens

PS if I win mine, and you win yours, its possible we might meet up in nationals haha
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