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Just got back from my first float tank experience. Been planning this for awhile now.

As much as I'd like to say it was mind blowing or an eye opener I can only say that it was mildly interesting. Perhaps the next session should include a mind altering substance.

90 minutes

10 min orientation (don't get water in your eyes because it stings like hell, don't pee, shower before and after, wear ear plugs, session is over once the new wave music plays...yata...yata...yata.)

Quickly got ready cuz I didn't want to waste any time. Opened the door and...

My first initial thoughts when I went into the saltwater tank was...hmmm this is how it's like to be in solitary confinement in prison. It's completely and utterly pitch dark. No noise, you can just hear your own breathing. No wonder people go crazy. Fortunately that only lasted maybe a minute before I imagined myself on vacation which was the whole idea to begin with. The first half of my session was fun cuz I transported myself to a specific destination where I was able to relax, get a sun tan, and live out my fantasy. It was quite pleasant actually.

Now the second half I started focusing on business and my career. This is where I got a headache...surprise. Me thinks it was the two hour sleep I had...haha. Didn't want to miss my appointment so I made it on time actually 20 minutes earlier. The reason why I only had two hours of sleep was because I had an eight hour Star Craft session the night before. Quitting this game forever now. Think the lack of sleep, deep concentration of myself on vacation, stuffiness of the tank contributed to that. Maybe it was the fact I was kinda bored so I attempted to do somersaults, swim/float and spun around "ping ponging" around inside the tank. Actually that's probably why I got dizzy or vertigo. At this point I opened up the door chamber to allow fresh oxygen in for a good 10 minutes. That was revitalizing. Body temperature saltwater with cool fresh oxygen.

Third part. I closed the door and pretty much fell asleep and next thing you know the therapeutic music came on and that was it. I really wonder if it's healthy to sleep like this floating in water.

I will say after the session you'll feel fairly refreshed and will see things from a slightly different lens.

Overall a neat experiment.

Thank you for reading and a have a good day.

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