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I am expecting more unrealism.

Is it because game developers are so out of touch with the sport?

Is it really that hard to make it more realistic?

I own "Pride FC" and I constantly get frustrated at how little skill is involved!

There are way too many reversals.

Complex grappling moves are performed as easily as mapping your control and pressing a button!

I would suggest that the buttons be mapped different, something along the lines as previous but with differences(I'll use a ps controller for my example).

Keep the l/r hand and l/r leg with the "shape" buttons (shape: meaning triangle, square, circle, box).

Maybe move with L analog stick, and make R stick a sort of balance stick- let me explain, since I think I would be good for the "ground game".

When on the floor, on your back:

-Up on R stick shifts weight as in an attempt to sit up,
-Down on R stick lifts legs off floor (sort of in opposition to "sitting up"
-R3 (pressing in stick) should lift hips up off floor with weight on shoulders and soles of feet.
-Pressing R3 in conjunction with up or down and other buttons (I'll map later, and you can imagine what I am getting at) can create a more realistic scramble for escapes or position shifting.
-left and right on R stick can lean upper body left/right respectively at hips

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