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Originally Posted by Spit206Fire
haha ya, this is just Seattle Comp though, i doubt i could make it to nationals. With my Submission Wrestling i've done i can maybe beat brown belts, but i'd probably get schooled by black belts in comp. I've rolled with them before and i usually just get caught as usual wrestlers do by going for submissions and control. I can last by just sitting in defence but.....that doesn't go anywhere lol.

haha thats true, and seeing how it isnt strictly a BJJ tournament, and more a MMA competition I'm not so sure how you'd fare, unless you have good striking. I personally have been boxing a bit recently to get my hands up to par, but if I'm going up against a striker, best believe I'm looking for a quick shoot and work the positions from there.......Ive pretty much mastered the flying knee, so if hes looking to take ME down, I can always come up with one of thosue out of left field, but I'm more inclined to take it to the mat.

Also, how come yours doesnt extend further? Thats one of the perks of this NE tournament, whoever wins goes on to nationals to go up agianst some of the best in the country, I'd look into that if I were you.
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