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Well alot of the other gyms in WA and theres one from Idaho that sometimes comes.

Anyways i've been doing kickboxing for the last 8 years of my life, and i love to throw. I just like to do alot of the jiu jitsu tourni's because i don't end up and messed up as kickboxing lol. I'll put it this way, when i go to class the next day i won't have a bruised face. Unless i was being stupid and get like Judo tosses on my head lol.

I wanna start takeing judo actually, after watching Karo and a few other guys use it in MMA i think it'd be awsome to know. I personally think its funny how alot of MMA fighters think Sambo is better then BJJ. I've rolled with a few Sambo fighters and it seems its not as much arm bars, triangle chokes, etc. Its more control, knee bars, heel hooks, and ankle locks.

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