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Random local craft or microbrews no one outside the area has heard of, wherever I happen to be living at the time.

Worst would probably be Keystone ice or any light/ice american non-beer.

Originally Posted by Spite View Post
Stella Artois, a great larger. It's really strong with a unique taste. You couldn't possible drink it all night as you'd end up ****ed up. It's one of those drinks where you would drink it as a first drink, or just if you were out for a few.

When people say Britain has the worst beer on earth they not wrong. But, slightly off topic, Beer is called Larger in the UK. We actually brew the best 'Beer' in the world. But yeah our larger, sucks.
Stella? Couldn't find a girlier named beer to drink eh ? Might as well drink something called Nancy, Sally or one of those hot pink cocktails with little umbrellas

I actually didn't mind the beers in the UK compared to some of the watered down mass market stuff that passes for beer in the US. Plus old English pubs have so much more atmosphere than most sweaty meat markety bars in the US.
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