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Originally Posted by theara
doing ATG Squats will help in leg strength too. Squats should be done to at least parallel. Going below is better for leg development.

ATG stands for Ass to Grass or deep ass squats

i thought about doing front and overhead squats. I'm trying to do olympic cleans and snatches which encompass the front and overhead squat.

pulling a sled is also great for core and leg strength
Front Squats and OH Squats are both AWESOME for improving your cleans and snatches.

Originally Posted by sove
I tried both overhead and front squats last night. First, I did regular squats, then overhead, and finished with fronts.

Hell yeah! The overhead squat is great. I started with only 95# (25 on each side and 45# bar), pumped one out and then almost dropped the bar on my head! Ooops! I dropped down to 65 and did 12 reps. I'm pretty sure that I'll get to 95 pretty quick. I just don't have the exercise down yet. Even with the lighter weight I could feel my entire upper body fighting to stay straight and keep the weight over my head. This has to be the best squat for core strength! I have a lot of back strength and this exercise was still somewhat difficult. After just a few reps I was covered in sweat. Be careful and start light!

The front squat went fine and I'll be adding it to my routine. Not as exciting as the overhead though.
Awesome! I'm glad to hear someone loves OH Squats the same way I do Keep up the work!

What a stud

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