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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
The game is just broken right now. I play Zerg and the only fun matchup right now is ZvP. In ZvZ, you either go swarm hosts, which is the most boring style ever imagined in the history of gaming, or ling/baneling and hope you get better connections than the other person does.

Terran is just hugely broken. They can just throw away army after army and not care. They have the ability to turtle way to well and their new units in heart of the swarm are just unstoppable. Honestly when I play against Terran, I just 6-8 pool cheese. I don't care whether I win or lose, I just want the game to end so I can look for another match.'s the playability compared to Broodwars. Even still Terran owned all races except if Toss teched up with storm. Basically T>Z>P but Toss has the best chance against Terran. When Zergs mass up it's extremely difficult. It's all about Archons and their splash effect.

Yah I know what you mean about those Terrans who bunker and siege up. That's where my recall comes into play. You ever try building a nydus canal inside an enemy zerg base...haah.

Playin' some poker atm.

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