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Originally Posted by xxpillowxxjp View Post
Honestly i think TvZ is the most balanced match up. Zerg has been winning allthe tournaments.. its just the playability of the two. Terran has a much lower skill cap than zerg. Zerg requires so much micro and macro its insane
We have another fellow SC player! Zergs are my mortal enemies, but they're my favorite to play against as Toss. I have to really tech up to beat a good zerg.

- sairs
- archons
- storm
- and my favorite Maelstrom

Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
The only time I can get an in base nydus is against bad players generally. You can hear it and a good player will place a supply depot/pylon or just any structure in places so they have full vision of their base.

I generally play Roach/Hydra unless against Terran. Tanks just decimate roaches.

Terran just has the huge luxury if their tier 1 unit (the marine) having the ability to decimate tier 2 and 3 units easily. Just get medivacs, stim and push forward or stutter step and kite everything for years.

That and hellbats. There is no reason hellbats should ever be this strong. Number one their tanking ability is absurd. They come out of a factory but for some insane reason, they can be healed by medivacs, and they literally decimate drone lines when dropped.

And in late game, if I kill an entire scv line. The Terran can just say lolrofllmfao and then drop a million mules down and stay ahead.

It isn't even so much that one thing is bad. It's just the face that terrains have the best of everything right now. Defense, offense, harassment, it's all the best. I mean have you seen a Zerg try and beat a maxed Mech army? It rarely happens.
You're right about the basic units of Terrans kicking ass. Stim rines + bats demolish zergs and Toss unless we have dts or storm. How do you get around the 12 range from sieged tanks unless you mass up or go air. Then they have goliaths. Terrans are simply too powerful once they set up their defensive/offensive perimeters. As for harassment the sieged tanks in sporadic mineral pockets or cliffs is annoying as hell, but Zergs prolly take this one especially in the early stages. They build the quickest.

They need to make a movie like Starship Troopers except entirely based on SC.

Been working non-stop pretty much. It's been fun taking a lil breather talking about SC...haha!

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