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Originally Posted by Beeno
Tito is nuts. Either of Babalu's losses to Chuck weren't half as bad of a beating as Tito got from him.

HAHAHAHAHA LOL thats because TITO can take a PUNCH , Babalu/Couture/Horn/Belfort EVERYONE GOT DROPPED By 1 PUNCH or KICK (in babalus case lol) Tito what > toook 21 punches to the dome? the guys got a solid chin thats forsure, Babalu gettting kicked upside the head is waaay wrose then what happened to Tito by the way. Both times Babalu got smacked up upside the head by Chuck he started trying to wrestle the refs n shit.... thats how OUT of it he was, Tito on the other hand, took his mouthpiece out , wasverry pisssed offf, and got up like a man , you do the math

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