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Originally Posted by Choke_Wire
well i dont know if u can do it but i can bring my legs up and put him in a triangle choke from there. I would say if u have only a minite left in the round tough it ourt but other than that cant help ya

When the guy is already mounted on can get in a triangle choke.....I find that either very impressive....or (morelikely) very unlikely.

Besides bucking, there is a "shrimping drill" lay on your back and curl at your waist to touch your toes, without leaving the ground. So that you look like a shrimp. Thats a way to try and escape guard and mount. Or if you are fast enough, or brave enough. Give your oppent your back, and slip out the backdoor in between his legs before the get there hooks in. A few people in the UFC and Pride do this. But you have to be able to hand wrestle very well(to avoid rear naked chokes). You be very quick to shoot out.

Also sweeps work great, but you have to feel your opp. weight and be able to tip the on way or another. then roll with them, and youll either land in their guard or mounting them, or side control. It depends on the skill lvl of your opp.

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