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I'm not so upset with Rory as I am with Jake. Rory trains alongside GSP at Tristar under Firas Zahabi. It comes as no surpise to me that he would be willing to play the jab game and keep his distance while continueing to keep that pace so long as his opponent isn't doing anything to make him fight a different fight. Rory played it safe and smart. Could he have done a little more to take advantage of Jakes gun shyness? Perhaps. But he did what was necessary in ensuring the victory. Yes that style of fighting is easy to hate, and I have much more respect for guys like Mighty Mouse, who went ahead and finished the fight when he was CLEARLY ahead on the score cards. But the way Rory fought was the most intellegent way to fight someone like Jake. Hate Rory all you want, but you have to respect the skill and discipline it takes to be able to do that, whether it's exciting or not.

Jakes approach was what upset me the most. All the things and trash talk and "How Rory didn't deserve that ranking" that he talked, and he goes out there and doesn't try to take it to him. Throwing a couple of haymakers, landing a takedown with a minute left in the third round is really not enough to try and take control of the complexion of a fight IMO. I'm gonna be honest, I expect a more exciting fight. I expected to see that if Rory was going to play the jab game, Jake was going to get in his face, give him no room to breath, and try to either impose his will wrestling wise, or try to finish. I'm not sure what he's afraid of. It's not like Rory's known for having huge power. While he did come out with more steam in the third round, he should've done that earlier in the fight as soon as he saw things weren't going his way.

I had a gut feeling that Jake underestimating of Rory would probably come back to haunt him.
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