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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Rory, who has always fought to put away his opponent and has given us some truly brutal finishes, fights smart for the first time in his career and completely neutralizes a man whom very few have been able to neutralize. And because it wasn't sexy, keyboard warriors are calling him 'GSP 2.0' and a 'boring fighter'. It just goes to show that MMA fans are as big a pack of fickle morons as the professional wrestling fans they claim to dislike so much.

Rory utilized a strategy, and he shut down Jake Ellenberger - an always dangerous opponent - with minimal effort. Yeah... what a rotten guy. How dare he try and take minimal damage against a guy who scrambles brains for a living. I'll not be happy until every fighter is suffering from brain damage! Just bleeeeed!
Absolutely 100% infallibly correct.

The onus should always be on the loser, anyway.
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