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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Yea baby.

I kinda look like Jesus. ( 1970's version )
Chuck over me an old soiled sheet and I'm ready to go.
yea cause the actual jesus might just have looked like an arab, where he's from, you can't really find much people looking like his depiction in movies, or the church for that matter (just love saying that, especially to racist "christians")

oh... yea... we're talking bout mayhem

1. he's no more relevant than, say, me
2. he really believes he's some sort of philosopher, but he's really not, most 16yo probably have the same kind of ideas about life, I know I did when I was 16
3. he's more and more becoming some sort of tito, bitter because he screwed his opportunities by being too full of himself
4. at this point, we already care too much, I wish him best, he screwed up, he just should move on now, UFC is not his problem anymore
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