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Originally Posted by Super Fudge
Is this debate really happening? Are there really people in this world foolish enough to believe that TKD is even in the same league of effectiveness as MT?

Somebody posted earlier that TKD was for pre-teen girls who's parents wouldn't let them take anything where they could get hurt and I couldn't agree more. TKD in a real fight is laughably ineffective, along with most of the traditional martial arts. I'm not saying they dont have their place but combat sports and street fights are definitely not it.
i will argee that TKD is less effective than muay thai in an MMA fight but to say that it is useless altogther just shows your ignorance i believe muay thai is more effective than boxing in MMA as well but does that make boxing a sport suitable only for little girls?

there are many kicks in tkd that can be applied in mma as a whole it is not as effective but then again neither is boxing or muay thai its about the whole package

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