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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
You do know they use legs in MMA, right?

Bones has used kicks to the knees/legs to keep distance as much as any punches. Gus might have a much smaller wingspan, but the dude has *very* long legs. Easily long enough to reach Bones with. Up to now, Bones knows if anybody is on the end of his kicks, then they are out of range to retaliate. That wont be the case with Gus. If Bones is in range to connect you can be sure Gus can connect also. Its an interesting fight for sure.
Yes I am aware which is why I also said:

Plus he has not fought anyone who uses so many techniques to keep distance
JBJ uses kicks more consistently than almost anyone at LHW. While he isn't throwing KO headkicks or punshing leg kicks a la Shogun, he uses them to keep distance. Because of this JBJ will also have a reach advantage in kicks as well. When he kicks he does it from further away because his end goal is to create distance rather than punish and hurt.

Gus may surprise me, but I really think that JBJ will create even more doubt for any future contenders off of how easily he will handle him.
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