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Wow that fight sucked. Extremely boring. I think Ben's style is God Awful boring and only effective because of the second rate competition he is facing. So I didn't like him because of that. But tonight, I learned he is a total prick too. Does this one trick pony really think he is the best fighter in the world? What a douche. Unlikeable, unwatchable, un-rememberable douche.

No Ben, the crowd was not Anti-USA. They were Anti you and your boring fights. Instead of asking the ref what else do you have to do for the ref to stop the fight, how about you learn how to submit someone or knock them out?

Ben is just another BAW - Boring Ass Wrestler. I have said before and I will say it again. Wrestling is not a 'Martial" art. It's a Collegiate and Olympic Sport based on control, not fighting and not finishing your opponent. There is no "Martial" in that art. Ben proves that every time he steps in the ring.

Is it effective? sure, it's effective at tiring people out. And if everyone fought that way, MMA wouldn't exist because no one would watch. No one tunes in for that crap.

Wow, I feel better now. Whew!
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