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I hope Mo is fighting on the card against either Vegh or Newton. Though I also want to see Vegh rematch Newton, that was a very close fight. But I'd really rather see Mo on there against either if it can work out that way.

Volkov vs Minakov would also be awesome to get on this card.

The winner of Shlemenko vs Marshall might not have a decent opponenet to try for this card in time, unless they can get a decent enough free agent to fight on this. None really come to mind but to fall back on the MMA GOAT of EVA!! Mr. Marvelous, Melvin Manheof seems like the best choice ever for Marshal or Storm.

Ben Askren is not on this card = Buyrate through the roof!!!

Chandler vs Jansen easy. Must be put on this PPV

Same with Curran. Curran and Chandler are must see MMA. Curran vs Frodo, or Straus but preferably Frodo.

So my preference is:

Page vs Tito
Chandler vs Jansen
Curran vs Frodo
Minakov vs Volkov
Lawal vs Newton
Shlemenko vs Manheof

That is worth $$$ to see. Actually that is worth more then I think they can put together, I doubt they can stack the card this well. But something with a few of these fights or fights like it would be good. Even if you throw in the Saunders, Friere bros, or Rogers, there are a lot of exciting good fighters to put on this card and the likely Spike undercard.

Been looking forward to this for a while.

I like MMA less because of this forum
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