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Originally Posted by enoeht
Tito is all about running the mouth. He literally built a career by doing so. I have much respect for Tito, especially after watching him coach TUF. He is also a very good mma fighter. I don't like the mouthing, but it gets the ball rolling.

And why do people keep bringing up that Tito barely beat Griffin? Tito fought with three pretty serious injuries. He didn't whine about them, he did what he had to do to get the win. Get them together again when Tito is 100%. Griffin will lose in a bad way!

No one has ever accused Tito of not bringing it or whining about injuries. I have alot of respect for the fact that Tito was able to beat a very good fighter in Forrest Griffin with those injuries and he never made excuses or whined about it. Tito should think about how bad he felt when Chuck beat him to a pulp, its not a good feeling and its also not cool to kick someone when they're down. but he is fun to watch and I do think he is an excellent fighter.

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