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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
I'm pretty sure Steve-D knows more about MMA than you GI Hell so I wouldn't accuse him of being nothing more than a TUF watcher.

This season does suck, but I'm not really into any of them. I watched the first 3, and they were alright. I'm not into reality shows at all, they are the worst thing to happen to television, and I think TUF is going to ruin the UFC. But I do find myself kind of addicted sometimes haha. But I try to fight it. Last year, the only good fighter was Bisping. Anyone who thinks Kendal Grove or Ed Herman are anything more than "decent" fighters (at best), should be labeled as a meat puppet. Kendal has good camera charisma, which is why he got that RIDICULOUS decision over Ed. I think they should work their way in like everyone else without so much attention from the media. The media ruins everything, and reality shows suck ass and their are soooooo many of them it's ****in ridiculous. I am hoping for a disaster season in terms of ratings so maybe they can rethink their strategy next year and come up with something better than a reality show contest.

Oh and it just shows you accurate they are in finding the best fighters out of each season when the losers of the season do better than the winners. Basically its like the AFC and NFC, the UFC should go with PRIDEFC, and have fight season, just like football season, and both "conferences" have their fighters fight each other. Only the best, no reality show winners (unless a reality show winner fits into the "best" category). This is what they should do instead of a reality show.
thanks for the back up mang, now i dont have to responde directly to him.

But no its not that i dont know MMA, especially since i train MMA everyday, so i must know nothing about. And just to clear it up it certenly is not hate for the fighters, its simply about being entertained, thats why we watch TV and the UFC to be entertained, The last "bam bam" fight ( i liove that nickname he really looks like bam bam) was pretty entertaining but other then that i just cant seem to get into the show this season.

Sorry, just how it is.

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