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Originally Posted by Kin
Well, I don't care if you throw names around. It means absolutely nothing to me. I'm asking you for technical reasons for why you believe that it can't work. And keep in mind that, just because something hasn't worked as of late, doesn't mean that it never can. I want to hear specific reasons, because I'm an actual practitioner of martial arts. And as such, I like to discuss the techniques. If I was talking about sambo, and someone says "it's good 'cause...well look at Fedor!!!" ... Well, while I do agree that he uses it very well, that isn't enough for me.

Anyway, I wouldn't argue that TKD is more effective than Muay Thai simply because it doesn't practice clinch fighting. If not for that, I don't believe that a good TKD fighter would be utterly screwed against a Muay Thai practitioner. Well...that and conditioning. But again, I ask that you supply legitimate reasons. In fact, I challenge you to respond without saying the name 'Ramon Dekker.'
MT also has utilizes elbows and knees(don't have to be in clinch to use all knees)and their amazingly strong kicks. I'm sure TKD has some good ones too but MT kicks are just so dang strong and powerful. Yeah, their conditioning is off the chart. It's killing me trying to keep up with some of those guys. AND they're in their mid 40's. Damn, I hate admitting that.
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