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Originally Posted by ajitator
Seriously, when I first discovered this forum I was excited for the fact that I found a place where I can talk to people who have similar interest than me. But after a while, i'm starting to get disappointed.

First, the amount of biased/nuthugging post from pride fanboys. I mean seriously, cro-cop gets knocked out by someone barely anyone knows, decisively. but then people still start making post saying it's impossible for someone else to bet cro-cop when he gets back and he will destroy everyone on his way to belt. come on man, how can you be that close minded. this sport is changing and everyone is training harder than ever.

Now Lidell loses and i see post saying Lidell is done, and he's overrated and he sucks. Are you kidding me? did you just forget that he's been champion for 3 years and defeated every single top contender in the LHW of the ufc. he loses once (in 3 years) and people discredit everything else he's done in the past.

it's like when i was 10 and i was playing street fighter with my brother. i beat him 30x in a row and he finally beat me once and he jumped up, cheered, got in my face and started yelling i suck and he kicked my ass. totally discreditng the past 30 wins i had before.

i'm disgusted by some of these posts, it shows nothing but ignorance and 'fanboy-ism'. 'im just waiting for the day fedor comes to the ufc and gets destroyed by another unknown fighter, i'd like to see what type of excuse all his fanboys are gonna say.

some more example:
diego sanchez posts saying he's the best, he needs title shot, then after he lost i saw post saying he sucks, overrated, etc.

matt hughes destroyed everyone for a couple of years then lost to gsp and all of the sudden hughes sucks, past his prime, doesnt have it anymore, etc.

now that i think about it i dont think anything is gonna change. i was just hoping this is one of the more mature forums that i have bookmarked.

I'm 13, so what? I like ufc and pride. And when you think about it their isn't many "kids" on this forum. Theirs probably 10 active... And every "kid" i know, knows allot of mma info, they all have 100% grammar and they never spam.

Just look at these high;y respected people, ozz525,/\/\etallica,doublelegtakedown, esv,Hughesfan2791 and mma1990.
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