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I've practiced Karate (blackbelt) and TKD (redbelt) and some of the techniques can be useful in MMA competition and a street fight. Someone stated and I wish I quoted it, that MT kicks are so awesomely powerful, they are off the charts........have you ever gotten kicked by a TKD practitioner other than a wht, yellow or orange belt????? I've got some strong kicks myself. Now, truth be told I wouldn't use a spinning hook, a jump side kick or anything fancy in an MMA fight or a street those flashy kicks for forms and the movies! I do however use low leg kicks and of course a nice snappy roudhouse to the mid section! My TKD training is useful to me.....I use the kicks for the most part. Blocking your face is important and I believe that comes from training. I don't think that any TKD instructors would purposely decide not to teach how to block the face, although in point sparring you don't have to worry much because contact to the face is frowned upon! I think it all comes down to how you train and for what. I'm sure if a person who only took TKD decided to get into MMA he sure better be great at it or learn bjj or something! I don't think a TKD practitioner could be solid in the cage if he only depended on TKD. Me, I've moved on to bjj and MMA training!!!!!!

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