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Talk about Bamma. Paul Daley just signed with them I hear.

Welcome! +Rep for signing up. Mods...can somebody hook up a UK brother up with some credits. Wait a minute I am a mod. I mean Admins...

For some reason this verse came into my mind.

I'm poppin Magnums while Jigga bag somethin
Watch is platinum, got jet lag from
flights back and forth, pop corks of the best grapes
Make the best CD's and the best tapes
Don't forget the vinyl, take girls break spinals
Biggie be Richie like Lionel, shit
You seen the Jesus, dipped to H classes,
Ice project off lights, chick flashes
Blind your broke asses, even got rocks in beards and moustaches
Rock top fashions
Ain't shit changed, except the number after the dot
on the Range, way niggas look at me now, kinda strange
I hate y'all too
Rather be in Carribean sands with Rachel
It's unreal, out the blue Frank White got sex appeal
Bitches used to go, "Ewww!"
Still tote steel, trying to see five mil
off the sin-gle, for real
You ain't fazing the amazing
While your gun's raisin, mine is blazing
See you on see me all talking to sweetness
Take it for weakness and leave quick
Blocker, rocker, fellow, Bad Boy collabo
Two MC's with mad dough, jewelry on!

Marcus Aurelius: Tell me again, Maximus, why are we here?
Maximus: For the glory of the Empire, sire.

Baked, not fried... the healthy choice.

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