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Originally Posted by TheNegation
Not even worth debating.
How many mma fighters use TKD, compared to muay thai?
Theres your answer.

MMA is still in its infancy. Just 'cause something hasn't happened yet doesn't mean that it never will. Regardless, I'm so sick an tired of people who can't back their stance. Statements like "not even worth debating" would make me think that you wouldn't be able to do a decent job debating it -- even if you did find it 'worth your while.'

To address some things that js9234 mentioned... Elbows and knees. At the place where I took TKD, these were practiced to a degree -- admittedly, far less than they would be at MT place. However, these things are most useful in the clinch, and are relatively easy to defend against when NOT in the clinch. In my personal opinion, the excellent clinch work is what really separates Muay Thai from alot of other striking martial arts. As for the power of the kicks, TKDs method is very similar except for the fact that MT excludes the chambering of the leg during roundhouse kicks. Where they generate most of the power from is the torquing of the shoulders, which carries the same motion over to hips... which then channels power through the legs, etc etc. Back when I was doing TKD, for power roundhouses we were also taught to perform that turning of the shoulders and hips to create a whip-like motion. Once again...the main difference was the chamber of lack of it. However, in TKD point sparring, alot of practitioners get lazy and exclude components of techniques which add power. That is a problem that afflicts practically every martial arts that does point sparring.

In the end, it really comes down to how you train. If for some reason, a Muay Thai place did excessive point-sparring I bet they'd be pretty craptacular. And at the same time, there are some TKD places that work very hard on conditioning. Though, an advantage that Muay Thai does have over traditional martial arts, is that its a sport. In a sport, there's no time to practice forms and stuff. Full attention is put upon getting good at the actual game. And because of that, while alot of traditional arts have the potential, they aren't practiced in a manner that is fitting for MMA competition.

Oh, and by the way Dragonfury72BJJ, I do agree with you that TKD can't hold its own in MMA by itself. But then again, what art can? Can pure MT hold its own? Nope. Can pure BJJ? Nope. Thus is the beauty of MMA.
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