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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
I never get sick but I am so ill right now it isn't even funny!
Let me tell ya something. Didn't get sick for five years. Then my roomate must have came down with some mutated influenza strain cuz I was gone for an entire week. Fruits, veggies do the trick. Chicken soup, salt gurgle to get rid of the bacteria colony. Lots of OJ man. Echinacea is good too. Feel ya homie. Take two of these (E-pills ) and call me in the morning.

Originally Posted by Spite View Post
I often say this to my wife who is younger than me (and yeah I probably sound like an old git).

00-10 had nothing major, its a forgettable decade.

80's Had the new romantics and Monsters of Rock.

90's Had all sorts, indie, Hip Hop, Superstar DJ's and most importantly the rise of Techno - the underground techno scene was phenomenal (hardcore mother ****ers).

Heres NME's best tunes of the 90's.
Unce...unce...unce...yes. I'd have to agree without being biased. I do not see anything favourable coming out of 00-10 other than....hmm...I'm still thinking. The rise of Anderson Silva, LOTR, Transformers I (Meg Fox helped), 40 Year Old Virgin, Entourage...actually mainly the good TV content made up for an otherwise lackluster decade.

It's funny you mentioned your wife is younger. Most girls I date are usually younger and they don't get the stuff I'm talking about. Makes me wonder how Hugh does it. One of the big issues for me is you have to enjoy the 80's music and you can't say that 50 cent is old school. He just got here.

Techno as in Sven Vath, Marko V, Kioki, & Carl C.

If I had to choose three songs to represent the decade I'd probably go with the following.

Early 2000 - Yellow Coldplay - So much hope for the new decade.
Mid to late 2000 - something less conventional like M.I.A.'s Paper Airplines
End of 2000s - Empire State Of Mind. New beginnings.

In fact what would all of you guys pick as the ONE DEFINITIVE soundtrack to 00-10.
Anybody who mentions Souljah Boy gets an automatic infraction.

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