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Originally Posted by TheNegation
But you can't prove TKD works in MMA as a style, as awhole, because it hasn't.

Edit: And it does have more to do with the way you train than the art you train in.
As it is, the purist contests of "style vs style" don't exist anymore. In that regards, you cannot prove that any style works in MMA "as a whole." I also don't see how anyone can say a powerfully thrown kick isn't effective.

Now if you're playing a numbers game, then you can clearly lay out the styles that are more prevalent. But the funny thing about the whole "TMA vs X-Style," is that all of the styles begin to dissolve once they start getting mixed up. In that regard, it ultimately ends up being about the fighters. Your disclaimer at the end is proof of this.

Here's the thing... Once everything is distilled down into its purist form, it becomes about the fighter and how they train their techniques. Taking that into account, people will train differently depending on what their intentions are. A collegiate wrestler is going to train his wrestling techniques differently for MMA than he would for the NCAA. It's the same reason why amateur boxers will usually find new coaches if they turn pro, as the pro boxing game is very different. It's also the same reason why BJJ train Submission Wrestling (no gi) and adjust their grappling to MMA as getting punched in the face changes the ground game drastically.

But to blatantly claim that any style that will help develope skills in one area or another of combat is "useless" is grossly ignorant. It's like saying boxing is useless to MMA because it only teaches you how to punch.

On a side note: For as bad as the decades old trend of "McDojos" in the more "traditional" Martial Arts is, the same thing is happening in rapid fashion with both BJJ and MT also. Need proof? I find the Blue Belt program pricing outling here on this page of the Gracie Academy website a little disheartening. But what can you expect when you make your living off of enrollment fees and people don't stick around because they don't get their belts as fast as ABC Dojo?

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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