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Originally Posted by TheNegation
No, mma is not in it's infancy. It didn't start with UFC.
TKD has had half a century to prove itself and has largely failed to do so.
I did TKD for two years. As a fighting style, it is innaffective. If it was useful in MMA, it would be used, but it isn't. Try me, I love a good debate, and I have trained in both Muay thai and TKD.
But you can't prove TKD works in MMA as a style, as awhole, because it hasn't.

Edit: And it does have more to do with the way you train than the art you train in.
It's not in its infancy? You'll have to enlighten me on that one. I'll refrain from certain commentary until I'm clear on what you mean by that.

You say that TKD doesn't work in MMA as a whole? Well, as I mentioned earlier, there's hardly a single art thats well equipt to stand alone in a sport such as MMA. However, there are techniques from pretty much every martial art that is effective, and you have to sift those out from the ineffective. Essentially, what you are as a fighter is determined by how you utilize the techniques you know. Even if you take the six effective techniques from TKD, modify it for your environment, and learn some grappling... If you succeed, you can call yourself a TKD fighter.

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