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Well, MMA the sport, the fighting style, which is now what we see when we tune into 'Mixed Martial Arts' competitions
has come about in the recently, but the concept of no holds barred fighting, vale tudo matches etc. are not.
So MMA the fighting style is in it's infancy, but thats not what I was talking about, which couldhavebeen confusing.
I mean when TKD was tested against other martial arts in these competitions it did poorly. As a striking art, well it is miles behind Muay thai.
And what six effective techniques from TKD? So take three different punches, three different kicks from TKD, walk into a match and then put your opponent in an armbar, are you gonna say ''My victory is down to my TKD training!'
Well, what was the point of styles in the first place?
They weren't excluding techniques for a laugh, they did it because they thought other techniques were inneffective.
Styles are methodsof fighting, some have provenmore effective in actual combatthan others, and TKD is not one.
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